When you’re time poor, it’s essential to find group fitness or solo sessions that can burn as many calories as you possibly can in a short space of time. After all, time is precious, and you need to be able to strike a balance between your health and your daily tasks. That’s where Grit Strength comes in.

Grit Strength is a high-intensity workout group fitness session that can tick all the boxes for a range of people. It’s also one of few exercise sessions that can offer maximum effect, in minimal time. Here’s why you may like to consider Grit Strength for a group fitness workout.

It Takes Minimal Time

Many people use a lack of time as a reason for not exercising. In reality, it doesn’t have to take up as much of your precious time as you think. Grit Strength is a high-intensity group fitness session that takes 30 minutes. In that half-hour window, you are pushed to your limit and challenged in a fun, supportive, and energy-rich environment.

Works Major Muscle Groups

It can be hard enough to find a group fitness session or solo exercise that works out all muscle groups, but even harder to do so in a short space of time. That’s where Grit Strength differs from other similar classes. Rather than focus on a select few muscles, it targets them all. In this high-intensity interval training class, you use barbells, body weight exercises, and weight plates to work out absolutely everything.

Increases Your Strength and Lean Muscle

Want to be stronger, look stronger, and be stronger? Then it might be time to learn more about Grit Strength as a group fitness class. Because you use a range of techniques and equipment during this class, you benefit from growing lean muscle tissue, burning fat, and improving your strength at speed. You’re also able to unleash fast-twitch muscle fibers while burning a substantial number of calories.

You Burn Plenty of Calories

It can seem strange to think that you only have to exercise for half an hour to burn a lot of calories, but that’s the reality of Grit Strength. Because it’s a high-intensity interval training group fitness class, you push yourself to your limits to achieve your goals. You also do so in a safe and supportive environment with like-minded people. Then, after half an hour, you can leave knowing you have done wonders for your body and your calorie burning goals.

Grit Strength is a fast-paced, fun, and intensive group fitness activity that is bound to grab your attention. You can set new fitness goals, improve your metabolism, and improve your strength – all in half-hour sessions. Grit Strength may be the very group fitness class you need to kickstart your healthy living routine!