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Are You Ready for Zero-Waste Grocery Shopping?

Dedicating your life to sustainability can seem like a significant step to take. After all, it can be hard to break old habits that you’ve had for your entire life. However, an excellent place to start is with your grocery shopping practices.

While food and other product manufacturers are starting to try their hardest to use plastic-free products, many still lag behind. Therefore, consumers have to put thought into how to go zero-waste grocery shopping while those such products still exist. Here are a few helpful hints to start your new life direction.

  1. Identify

Before you start your new zero-waste grocery shopping journey in earnest, take one last trip to identify what changes you will need to make. Think about the products you buy every week and how you will replace those. Some suggestions are listed here: How green is your beauty?

Identify products you buy from the deli that you may need to bring packaging for, and even whether you might have to shop elsewhere for a few items. Take notes as you shop so that you can be more prepared for the sustainable products you will need to buy.

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How to Teach Kids to Be More Environmentally Aware

Most parents try to raise their children to be upstanding members of society. They teach them to share their toys, play nicely with others, use their manners, and, in general, just be nice.

But what about teaching them about sustainability, the environment, and how to care for the planet? There is plenty of merit in teaching them how to care about where they live as well as the other people who share the earth with them. Read on to learn what could be worth sharing with your kids to benefit them and the environment.


Having the skill and knowledge to recycle is not something you are born with. It’s a learned ability that takes encouragement from parents and society. From an early age, teach your children about the importance of placing recyclable products in the recycling bin and waste in the trash bin. Print out infographics on what can go in which bin, and actively encourage them to care about what ends up in the rubbish bin.

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