Most parents try to raise their children to be upstanding members of society. They teach them to share their toys, play nicely with others, use their manners, and, in general, just be nice.

But what about teaching them about sustainability, the environment, and how to care for the planet? There is plenty of merit in teaching them how to care about where they live as well as the other people who share the earth with them. Read on to learn what could be worth sharing with your kids to benefit them and the environment.


Having the skill and knowledge to recycle is not something you are born with. It’s a learned ability that takes encouragement from parents and society. From an early age, teach your children about the importance of placing recyclable products in the recycling bin and waste in the trash bin. Print out infographics on what can go in which bin, and actively encourage them to care about what ends up in the rubbish bin.

It’s all too easy for parents to skip the part about where their rubbish ends up once they are finished with it. If children knew about the world’s largest landfills and the billions of tons of trash in them, they might be less likely to throw perfectly good recyclable materials in the wrong bin.


Many children in the western world are used to seeing mum and dad head off to the supermarket and come back with fruits and vegetables. With this routine, it’s understandable that they may not realise they can grow them themselves. Get excited about gardening, and use it as an opportunity to both spend time with your kids and make a difference to their environmental awareness.

Not only will your child have a new appreciation for sustainability and the earth, but you can save a fortune on your grocery bills as well.


Is it essential for you to drive the kids to school? Could you possibly walk them, or could the family bike to school together? Teaching children about environmentally-friendly means of transport that promote sustainability can set them up for life.

Teach them road safety, bicycle maintenance, and even how public transport works. The wider you open your eyes to the options in your area, the less likely they are to always rely on private passenger vehicles to get them from A to B.

Go Outside

We live in a technological age where it’s easier than ever before to sit inside and watch TV or play on mobile devices. Exploring the outside world with your kids is paramount. Take them camping, teach them about their own backyard, nature, plants, and even go fishing.

Encourage and grow a love for nature that equates to them caring for it passionately. The best part is, they can rely on nature for both their physical and mental health later on down the line.

People are slowly beginning to see how paramount it is to focus on sustainability to prevent a climate crisis, but there is still a lot of work to do. Teach your children how to care for their planet and treat it right, and they will do the same for their children.