One of the facets of limo hire cars is they are regarded as one of the safest means of travel. Reasons include the fact that the limo car will be well-maintained, that limos tend not to be driven over the speed limit, and the not inconsequential fact that limo car drivers usually have many years of driving experience.

All that points to the actions of the limo hire company and its staff playing a huge role in your safety whilst travelling in one of their limos, however, you also have a responsibility to ensure that you behave and conduct yourself in a safe manner.

No amount of limo car maintenance and limo driver experience is going to count if you do something which puts you and others in danger, or worse create circumstances that lead to an accident. As for how you should conduct yourself safely in a limo car, here are five tips that should keep you and others travelling with you safe.

Stay Safe Tip #1 – Only Hire From Reputable Limo Hire Companies

This tip could apply to virtually every scenario where you hire something, but it is especially applicable to limo hire. Thankfully, almost all limo hire companies consider client safety important, but you want to make sure of that by researching and then only hiring a limo hire company with a proven track record, positive reviews, and that has the appropriate insurance and licences.

Stay Safe Tip #2 – Familiarise Yourself With Any Limo Car Safety Features

You almost certainly do not travel in a limo car every day, and so the vehicle you are going to travel in will be unfamiliar to you. As such ensure that you make yourself familiar with any safety features that the car has, including door locking, fire extinguisher location, and even emergency exits in a larger limo. Better to know and not need to use the knowledge, than need to use but not know.

Stay Safe Tip #3 – Follow The Limo Car Driver’s Instructions

One of the ways that Tip #2 will be made easier is if you listen carefully to what the limo driver tells you about the limo car when they first pick you up. They will likely tell you about any safety features and also what behaviours are acceptable and which are not whilst you and your guests are travelling in the limo car.

Stay Safe Tip #4 – Do Not Distract The Driver

One of the behaviours that the driver may discuss with you is that you and your guests must not overly distract them while they are driving. By all means, have a conversation with them, but when being driven home from a celebration where alcohol has been consumed, antics like singing loudly, or flailing arms about as though you are all still on the dance floor, are not acceptable behaviours from you and your fellow passengers.

Stay Safe Tip #5 – Ensure You Wear Your Seatbelt At All Times

There is a misconception that wearing a seat belt in rear seats is not required or as important as wearing one in the front seats. A famous and tragic example is the death of Princess Diana, who experts believe would have survived the car crash which took her life had she been wearing a seat belt whilst sitting in the back of the Mercedes she was travelling in. No ifs, buts, or maybes, always wear your seatbelt when travelling in a limo car.