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How to Clean Spilled Milk From Your Carpet

How to Clean Spilled Milk From Your Carpet

If you have ever had the misfortune to smell milk that has gone off you will know it is not something that you would voluntarily assault your nostrils with. A worst-case scenario than that is when milk has been spilled on to a carpet and dried in, meaning that some pretty serious cleaning from a professional grade cleaning company like Gleam Clean needs to take place.

Hopefully, you have never had that experience, however, knowing what to do if it should occur, will not only be welcomed by your carpet, but we dare say the sense of smell of everyone who enters your home will be thankful.

The way in which milk ends up on a carpet can differ, be it from someone drinking from a milk carton instead of glass and it dribbling down their chin, someone knocking over a glass of milk, or babies, who, let’s face it, while they are gorgeous, they are also messy little darlings and take great delight in turning their bottle upside down, with the result that their milk ends up on the carpet below, drip by drip.

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Cleaning In Child Care Centres

The Importance Of Cleaning In Child Care Centres

There can be a few types of businesses or organisations where the need for skilled and professional Carpet Cleaner in Joondalup is more significant than those where children are going to be present, especially young children. A prime example of this type of premises is those buildings that house childcare centres.

Within these centres, children will be highly active, so they will be moving around and touching a large number of items. This will include small items such as toys and games but also contain surfaces, such as countertops and door handles.

Every single one of these, plus the myriad of other possible items that they may touch, has the potential to spread germs, not only from them but to them as well. This points to the importance of cleaning in childcare centres, and why many employ professional commercial cleaners to ensure it is done effectively.

As we have already mentioned, the spread of germs is a big problem within childcare centres, and this alludes to the fact that the health of the children and the staff should be paramount. This is why an effective cleaning regime is essential, along with thorough sanitisation.

The sanitisation can be done by staff and children throughout the day by wiping items after use. Thereafter, and when the commercial cleaners start their shift, there should be a more comprehensive sanitisation, which would not usually be possible whilst the children are in the centre.

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Top Ten Worst Things You Could Ever Spill On Your Carpets

Top Ten Worst Things You Could Ever Spill On Your Carpets

You will often hear people talk about the carpet cleaning nightmare they had when a certain substance spilled onto their carpet and stained it, and actually hear them debate with others over which stain is the most difficult to clean.

How bad any stain is will not just depend on what was spilled on it but on other factors as well. These will be the material that the carpet was made from, how quickly the offending substance was removed, and what action the person took to remove the stain.

With these points in mind we are not going to create a league table and declare a champion, but instead with the help of, we will outline, in alphabetical order, 10 of the worst possible items that could spill onto your carpet.

Beer: The problem with beer spilling onto your carpet is not so much the stain, but instead it is the smell it leaves behind. This can linger and become progressively more unpleasant, despite no stain being present.

Bleach: We hope you can see the cruel irony of one of the most used cleaning products being one of the worst liquids that could be spilled on a carpet. The obvious reason is that it can create a permanent stain due to it whitening the coloured fibres of the carpet.

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