You will often hear people talk about the carpet cleaning nightmare they had when a certain substance spilled onto their carpet and stained it, and actually hear them debate with others over which stain is the most difficult to clean.

How bad any stain is will not just depend on what was spilled on it but on other factors as well. These will be the material that the carpet was made from, how quickly the offending substance was removed, and what action the person took to remove the stain.

With these points in mind we are not going to create a league table and declare a champion, but instead with the help of, we will outline, in alphabetical order, 10 of the worst possible items that could spill onto your carpet.

Beer: The problem with beer spilling onto your carpet is not so much the stain, but instead it is the smell it leaves behind. This can linger and become progressively more unpleasant, despite no stain being present.

Bleach: We hope you can see the cruel irony of one of the most used cleaning products being one of the worst liquids that could be spilled on a carpet. The obvious reason is that it can create a permanent stain due to it whitening the coloured fibres of the carpet.

Blood: Hopefully, there will not be many occasions when blood is spilling onto your carpet, but if it does, then you need to act fast. Once the blood dries it will be far more difficult to remove so soak up and wipe away the blood as soon as possible.

Chocolate: For those of you with a sweet tooth no doubt chocolate is a favourite but eat it with care. Chocolate, especially if it starts to melt is especially difficult to clean from carpets.

Coffee: Whilst cocoa beans are the culprits when it comes to making chocolate, it is coffee beans that are the villain here, especially when a mug of coffee gets spilled onto a carpet. It needs to be soaked up quickly, especially if there was sugar in it.

Ink: Whilst bottles of ink are less common these days, you will still find ink in pens, felt tips, marker pens, and others. If any of these happens to fall on the carpet, get stood on, and leak, you will have a job removing the stain they create, especially if it is allowed to dry in.

Nail Polish: An old favourite, and to this day it is still one of the most common stains to befall carpets. The simple answer is to make sure anyone who uses nail polish does so in a room or an area where there is no carpet.

Red Wine: Another classic stain which every home that has ever had a party where the red wine was flowing has had to deal with. It needs to be dealt with immediately with lots of water and absorbent towel used to help soak up the wine which has penetrated the fibres.

Tomato Ketchup: This needs to be quickly wiped up using paper towels, but the key is not to rub the stain. That simply spreads it and make the area needing to be cleaned, bigger.

Wax: Coloured wax is particular problem and if molten wax drips onto a carpet and is able to dry, the problem, is made even worse. With wax, and any of the others stains we have highlighted, if you are unable to remove a stain, call out professional carpet cleaners.