When you’re time poor, it’s essential to find group fitness or solo sessions that can burn as many calories as you possibly can in a short space of time. After all, time is precious, and you need to be able to strike a balance between your health and your daily tasks. That’s where Grit Strength comes in.

Grit Strength is a high-intensity workout group fitness session that can tick all the boxes for a range of people. It’s also one of few exercise sessions that can offer maximum effect in minimal time. Here’s why you may like to consider Grit Strength for a group fitness workout.

It Takes Minimal Time

Many people use a lack of time as a reason for not exercising. In reality, it doesn’t have to take up as much of your precious time as you think. Grit Strength is a high-intensity group fitness session that takes 30 minutes. In that half-hour window, you are pushed to your limit and challenged in a fun, supportive, and energy-rich environment.

Works Major Muscle Groups

It can be hard enough to find a group fitness session or solo exercise that works out all muscle groups, but even harder to do so in a short space of time. That’s where Grit Strength differs from other similar classes. Rather than focus on a select few muscles, it targets them all. In this high-intensity interval training class, you use barbells, body weight exercises, and weight plates to work out absolutely everything.

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