Kitchens of every shape and size will have a variety of features within them, and one feature which often gets the most attention is the kitchen cabinets. Whether they are made by  Perth cabinet makers or come off a production line, kitchen cabinets are an integral part of kitchen renovations and new kitchen designs, and if truth be told, often account for a substantial part of the cost of each kitchen.

For those reasons, it is fair to say that the choice of kitchen cabinets for kitchen renovations is an extremely important one. The choices that have to be made include the type of cabinet, the size, the materials used, the colours, the finish, the trims, and not forgetting the handles or knobs on the doors.

There is one other choice that will hugely influence the cabinets which are finally installed in a kitchen, and that is whether they are to be custom-made. Cabinet makers can skilfully create cabinets to any specification, and this is often the route that many homeowners go down. However, is it the right route for everyone? To try to answer that question, let us examine the pros and cons of choosing custom kitchen cabinets.

Pros Of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

  • They Are Made To Your Likes And Tastes: The whole point of having anything custom-made, including kitchen cabinets, is so that they can exactly match your likes and tastes across several features such as style, size, shape, colour, and finish and what features to inculde such as a pizza oven or microwave.
  • They Can Accommodate Your Available Budget: If your kitchen cabinets are custom made then beforehand there will be discussions between you and, in this case, the cabinet makers, on exactly what is to be created. That will include your available budget for their creation not being exceeded.
  • They Are Of The Highest Quality: Another huge benefit of having kitchen cabinets custom-made by cabinet makers as part of your kitchen renovations is that they will most certainly be made to a much higher quality than cabinets that are produced on a production line.
  • The Cabinet Makers That Make Them Are Skilled Craftsmen: It is worth bearing in mind that the individuals who will be creating your custom kitchen cabinets will be cabinet makers who have spent many years honing their skills to the extent that no mass-produced cabinet factory can match.
  • They Can Be Created For Awkward Spaces: If your kitchen has awkward or unusual spaces that standard kitchen cabinets are not going to fit, then that is where custom kitchen cabinets come to the fore as cabinet makers can make them in any shape or size to fit those same awkward spaces.
  • They Can Maximise The Amount Of Storage: Continuing with the theme of custom cabinets being made to any size, it follows that your cabinet makers can ensure that the cabinets they make for you have the maximum amount of storage possible.
  • Your Kitchen Will Be Unique: It is often overlooked that the custom kitchen cabinets in each kitchen make them unique. So, when your kitchen is finally all installed yours too will be the only one of its kind.

Cons Of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

  • They Are The Most Expensive Option: What will be the most obvious difference between production line and custom kitchen cabinets is the latter requires a larger budget in most cases. However, in terms of value for money, it could be argued that they offer more.
  • They Can Make Your Home More Difficult To Sell: We mentioned unique tastes and, given that your custom-made kitchen cabinets were created to match yours, it could transpire that those viewing your home for sale may not buy it due to them not liking those same cabinets that you love.
  • They Can Take Considerably More Time To Be Made And Installed: By the very fact that they are going to be custom-designed and manufactured it should not surprise you that the time to do so and to be installed is going to be longer than standard cabinets.