If you don’t usually purchase natural body care products, then what do you normally put on your skin? For many people, it’s a range of synthetic creams, lotions, and moisturisers which may contain harmful ingredients such as parabens. A report out from Dianne Caine says that while quality skincare products are abundant on the market, not all have the same benefits of body butter. If you’re about to get engaged or married and you’ve just picked out your engagement rings from Engagement Rings Perth and are becoming your best self before your big day, did you know that body butter can make a world of difference to your skin? Here’s what you can expect.

Natural Ingredients

Unlike many products on the market, natural body care products such as body butter tend to have far more natural ingredients. For many health advisors, that equates to peace of mind, body care and minimal risk of skin irritation. In many body butter products, you can expect ingredients such as rosemary, shea butter, almond oil, macadamia nut oil, and emulsifying wax. You can also find body butter that is certified as organic.


Body butter is full of nourishing nutrients and ingredients that are beneficial for your skin. For the most part, they feature omega 3 fats to calm inflammation as well as plenty of skin rejuvenating properties. You may find that synthetic lotions do not have the same effect.

Skin Protection

An irritating point about using moisturiser and other lotions is that it only lasts so long. Therefore, you feel like you’re continually applying more to offer that protective barrier. Fortunately, if you use natural body care products such as body butter, you benefit from long-lasting protection. Body butter can provide a far better protective barrier than several other lotions, keeping out dry air and other damaging elements with more time in between applications.

Affordable to Buy

Many people choose not to buy natural body care products, believing they are too expensive. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In the case of body butter, and even other natural products, it’s more affordable than you think. In most cases, it’s also more affordable than several top-brand products. Take the time to find out what’s available, then compare it to synthetic products. You will be surprised with the affordability of nature.

No Harsh Ingredients

If you read through the ingredient list of any body lotion, you will see names such as toluene, formaldehyde, parabens, synthetic colours and fragrances, and sodium lauryl sulphate. Not only are they, for the most part, hard to pronounce, but they can be damaging for your skin. If you opt for a natural body care product such as body butter, however, you can rest assured the organic ingredients are gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

Before you go ahead and order your new body lotion for the week, take a moment to think about what it could be doing to your skin and body. Could it be time to make a change? Try an organic and natural body butter and, within days, notice the difference.