If you consider yourself quite handy, the thought of building your own swimming pool might appeal. After all, it’s just a hole in the ground and some concrete, so what could go wrong?

In reality, there’s a reason why the majority of people with swimming pools have them designed by professional pool designers and installed by pool and landscaping exerts: a lot could go wrong, and these experts know how to manage the risks. If you’re not yet convinced that you can’t build swimming pools, the following information may just convince you.

Rules, Regulations, Permits, and Restrictions

You may not realise it, but most towns, cities, and countries have extensive rules, regulations, restrictions, and permitting requirements when it comes to building swimming pools.

They have to be a set distance from homes and boundaries and have features like steps and fences to comply for safety reasons. Navigating this logistical nightmare can be time-consuming, and months can pass before you even get a shovel in the ground.

Landscaping and pool experts don’t tend to have this problem. They can take your design ideas on board and create a plan that suits your property and your area’s rules and regulations.

Due to how often they work with councils around consents and permits, you may be surprised at how quickly they can work through this stage compared to if you tried to do it on your own.

You Can Void Warranties

Many pieces of pool equipment you buy come with manufacturer and labour warranties. These can offer you much-needed peace of mind if anything goes wrong.

However, you may find that many of these warranties only apply when you hire contractors to build your pool and install that equipment. If you go down the DIY route, your warranties may be void.

Small Mistakes Can Be Big

Swimming pools are designed to hold thousands of litres of water which, as you can imagine, is quite heavy. If you haven’t done your research to make sure you use the right materials and building techniques for your pool, it can end up failing.

For example, you might not make the concrete thick enough, and it cracks and fails, or you don’t set the plumbing components up correctly, and you have to start from scratch. They might not seem like big issues, but they can be significant – and costly.

It Can Cost You More

Many people go down the DIY route with home repairs, maintenance, renovations, and additions to save money. You only have to pay for materials, and your labour is free.

However, trying to build or install a swimming pool yourself can end up costing you more money than if you hired an expert. Small mistakes may require you to purchase more materials and use up more time, and you may make costly errors when trying to make sure your pool complies with all regulations.

If you’re trying to save money, expert help can be necessary. You might be surprised at just how affordable pool installation can be.

Some people find it hard to watch contractors arrive at their property to do something they believe they could manage themselves. However, pool installation is genuinely a job for the experts. Let them do all the hard work, and you can enjoy the fruits of their labour once the work is done.