If you consider yourself quite handy, the thought of building your own swimming pool might appeal. After all, it’s just a hole in the ground and some concrete, so what could go wrong?

In reality, there’s a reason why the majority of people with swimming pools have them designed by professional pool designers and installed by pool and landscaping exerts: a lot could go wrong, and these experts know how to manage the risks. If you’re not yet convinced that you can’t build swimming pools, the following information may just convince you.

Rules, Regulations, Permits, and Restrictions

You may not realise it, but most towns, cities, and countries have extensive rules, regulations, restrictions, and permitting requirements when it comes to building swimming pools.

They have to be a set distance from homes and boundaries and have features like steps and fences to comply for safety reasons. Navigating this logistical nightmare can be time-consuming, and months can pass before you even get a shovel in the ground.

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