Any electrician will tell you that one way to avoid allergens is to install an air conditioner, which will filter out nearly all the allergens from outside, leaving your inside air fresh and pure. This is good news for people who are allergic and suffer from itchy, red eyes, stuffy or runny nose, sneezing or even asthmatic problems due to allergies.

External allergens include many things such as –

  • Dust from soil
  • Pollen from flowers
  • Pollen from grasses
  • Smoke and fine ash from bushfires
  • Factory smoke and soot
  • Pet hair and dander and more

The problem with outside allergens is that they can blow into your area from many kilometres away, so just looking around your district to see what is likely to affect you may not alert you to what is causing your allergies.

If you step outside only to find it is the pathway to an allergy attack, the best thing to do is stay inside as much as possible. Of course, it is essential to get that bit of fresh air and sunshine for optimal health. This can be done early in the morning while the morning air is moist and dew is still on the grass as that will help to reduce pollen and grass borne allergies.

It is important to have the electrician check out your air conditioner on a regular basis so that it is working optimally. You should also clean the filters at least twice a year to get rid of all the dust in them.  Wetting them will help to prevent the dust flying into your face.  Washing your hands and face afterwards will help to remove any fine dust from handling the filters.

Inside the home there will nearly always be dust coming from something, even the bed covers and mattress will shed fine fibres that people can be allergic to.  Other inside allergens are –

  • Pet hair and dander
  • Bird feathers and dander if you have a pet bird
  • Dust/pollens that can seep in through windows, doors and vents
  • Fine fibres from doonas or mattress protectors, even if they are made from wool
  • Wall hangings made from fibres such as wool even if its acrylic or polyester
  • House dust and dust mites
  • An old mattress
  • Carpet
  • Drapes
  • Smoke from cigarettes
  • Ash or smoke from an open fireplace or even an enclosed one and many more

Most people who suffer from allergies know only too well the misery of extremely itchy eyes and a nose that never stops running.  If an air conditioner doesn’t help you get some relief and you are tired of taking pills – many of which make you tired – have an allergy test to find out what specific thing is causing the problem.  It is much easier to solve the problem when you know what is causing it.