Drinking to excess is a universal problem, with most countries facing an uphill battle against the bottle. As those in drug rehab facilities will tell you, however, the effects of drinking on your body are more than only a hangover. Here is why you should take care of a drinking problem sooner rather than later.

Liver Damage

When you drink to excess on a regular basis, such as alcohol addiction, your liver can succumb to irreparable damage. In the long term, your liver stops being able to remove harmful substances from your body effectively.

Heart Damage

Cardiovascular disease is one of the most common and fatal conditions in the world. While leading a poor lifestyle is one of the leading causes, drinking to excess can also be a contributing factor. If you drink to excess on a regular basis, and you have come to realise you have a problem, booking into drug rehab could help to prevent heart damage in the future.


Studies carried out over many years now show that excessive drinking and alcohol problems can lead to an increased risk of infertility.


Chronic drinking is not only harmful in the short-term, hurting those around you, but long-term effects can also be fatal. If you’re a heavy, frequent drinker, you are more at risk of mouth, throat, or oesophageal cancer. Females are also more at risk of breast cancer.

Lung Infections

The common cold is hard enough to avoid, but if you have a drinking problem, your immune system can be dramatically weakened. As a result, your body is less able to fight off bacteria and viruses, with a common outcome being severe conditions such as pneumonia or tuberculosis.

Stomach Irritation

Those with alcohol addictions can find themselves with stomach ulcers, bloating, and excess gas. If you realise your drinking habit is causing frequent stomach upsets, it’s time to book into drug rehab. A nutritional diet and removal of alcohol can help to put your body back on track.


One of the leading causes of pancreatitis is excess alcohol consumption. If you frequently abuse alcohol, you increase your chances of getting this condition.


When you’re an alcoholic, there are two ways in which you may find yourself malnourished. If you’re continually drinking, you’re less likely to consume food. However, when you do eat, your body is less capable of absorbing all those vitamins and minerals your body needs to function correctly. When you book into drug rehab, you benefit from a healthy and nutritious menu and the chance to revitalise your body.

Many people don’t believe they have a drinking problem, but the reality is, one in 13 western Australians drink every day, paving the way for a dangerous path to alcoholism. If your drinking is beginning to affect your daily life, and your health, then it’s time to take action. Drug rehab can give you the help you require while setting you up for a far healthier and more controlled lifestyle.