The need to use commercial storage units can occur for a number of reasons. It could be that you are in the process of an office relocation with and have had to move out of your old offices before the new ones are ready to be occupied. Another reason could be that you have taken delivery of equipment or stock, and currently do not have any storage space at your current business premises to store them.

Whether it is either of these reasons or another reason which means you need to use commercial storage units, it will benefit to know some of the ways in which to use them. With that being said, here are some tips.

Tip #1: Decide How Much Storage Space You Are Going to Need

As with many things you might pay for whilst running your business, you do not want to waste your budget, and therefore it is important that you only pay for the amount of storage that you actually need. You might want to pay for a little extra space just in case you have something that needs to be added, but in the main, err on the side of keeping the cost down.

The way to achieve this is to list all the items that you want to store along with their dimensions if possible. Many storage facilities will provide a service that will advise you the most appropriate unit size for the list of items that you send them.

#2 Determine Your Storage Plan

This applies more to those with larger storage needs, but it will still benefit all others. By plan, what we mean is creating a system of where each item is going to be stored, and then that system allowing you to easily locate it should you ever need to remove it form storage. This can be done using number/letter codes, colours, alphabetical or numerical order, and also chronological order.

Whichever it is ensure that as each item is placed in the storage unit, its identifier is physically added to, perhaps with a sticky label, and that the corresponding entry is entered into your inventory system.

#3 Establish The Level Of Security

Whether the items you are storing are very valuable or not, the hassle and time wasted having to deal with items that are stolen from insecure storage units will be a real frustration to you. This is why you must make all the necessary inquiries to establish the level of security that any storage facility you are considering, offers.

You want to see that their security measures and protocols are robust and that they employ the latest security technology. Other security questions to ask is whether they use CCTV, do they have a comprehensive alarm system, ideally linked to the local police station, and a confirmation that  staff that are fully trained in maintaining the security of the facility.

#4 Choose Only Storage Professionals

Let’s be honest, anyone can rent a few garages and call themselves a ‘storage company’, but we assume you would prefer to deal with professionals. In seeking out companies that offer professional storage services, look for those that are established, and have testimonials from other customers.

From your research, create a shortlist, and then call each of the companies with a prepared list of questions that you wish to ask them. Those that answer fully and with courtesy would seem to be better options than those who prevaricate, and whose answers lack any clarity.