Many people take harmful substances without giving any thought to the damage that will occur to their body or their life.  It is only those who get to the stage of drug rehab that realise the truth. For those people have already experienced losing just about all the things that make life worthwhile, including loved ones and their sense of self worth.

While it is true that taking one harmful substance once won’t make you an addict, it can still cause severe health and even mental problems.  Addiction often starts through peer pressure, especially if a young person is having trouble or perceived trouble at home. They take the substance once and when it makes them feel good, they want to repeat that feeling.

However, over time they need more of the substance to get the same good feeling and this is when they are addicted, whether they believe it or not. Many people don’t believe they are addicted; they are convinced that they can stop at any time, it’s just that they don’t choose to stop. In reality, they could not stop even if they tried.

Most people try to hide their addiction until it gets to the stage where it is impossible to hide it or they become too ill from the side effects of taking it to hide their condition.  Or when their life falls apart due to the neglect of their loved ones, then they seek help and may go into drug rehab.

Sadly, it is almost too late for some and even though they go off the drug for a few months they end up back on it because they haven’t learned how to cope with the causes of going onto it in the first place.  Many people suffer emotional pain from neglect, abuse or lack of love as children. They may have what seems like a normal life, but if both parents are working all week they may not have the emotional energy left to raise a child properly, investing in every aspect of their lives as they should.

Then again, some people have an ideal family home and everything they could want and still become addicted to drugs.  Often through sheer boredom or going through those rebellious teen years that everyone seems to have to cope with.  While there are many different reasons for drug abuse, there is only one result and that is the ruination of lives, unless the addict can get the kind of help they need and get it in time.

Going to rehab is the best way to get over a drug habit; many people go on to live worthwhile and satisfactory lives after they leave such a place, especially if they were taught how to cope with their problems in other ways.