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5 Ideas For Making Your Landscape Design Seniors Friendly

5 Ideas For Making Your Landscape Design Seniors Friendly

There are those that tend to think of gardening and landscape design are activities that are mainly undertaken by those within an older age group but that is more myth than truth. Yes, there are many seniors who love gardening, but there are also thousands, if not millions of landscapers and gardening enthusiasts across just about every age group.

Whilst that is most certainly a positive, it can lead to one specific problem, and that relates to landscape designs for older people. What we mean by that is the creation of a landscape design where the elements within it make allowances for some of the problems which some older people may encounter.

By problems, we are talking about mobility and safety issues, for example, and ensuring that whether you are a senior and designing your garden for yourself, or you are a landscape designer, designing for an older client, that what you create takes these into account. If you are unsure about what ways you can make your landscape design seniors friendly, here are some ideas you can consider.

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Top Tips For Using Commercial Storage Units

The need to use commercial storage units can occur for a number of reasons. It could be that you are in the process of an office relocation with and have had to move out of your old offices before the new ones are ready to be occupied. Another reason could be that you have taken delivery of equipment or stock, and currently do not have any storage space at your current business premises to store them.

Whether it is either of these reasons or another reason which means you need to use commercial storage units, it will benefit to know some of the ways in which to use them. With that being said, here are some tips.

Tip #1: Decide How Much Storage Space You Are Going to Need

As with many things you might pay for whilst running your business, you do not want to waste your budget, and therefore it is important that you only pay for the amount of storage that you actually need. You might want to pay for a little extra space just in case you have something that needs to be added, but in the main, err on the side of keeping the cost down.

The way to achieve this is to list all the items that you want to store along with their dimensions if possible. Many storage facilities will provide a service that will advise you the most appropriate unit size for the list of items that you send them.

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Cleaning In Child Care Centres

The Importance Of Cleaning In Child Care Centres

There can be a few types of businesses or organisations where the need for skilled and professional Carpet Cleaner in Joondalup is more significant than those where children are going to be present, especially young children. A prime example of this type of premises is those buildings that house childcare centres.

Within these centres, children will be highly active, so they will be moving around and touching a large number of items. This will include small items such as toys and games but also contain surfaces, such as countertops and door handles.

Every single one of these, plus the myriad of other possible items that they may touch, has the potential to spread germs, not only from them but to them as well. This points to the importance of cleaning in childcare centres, and why many employ professional commercial cleaners to ensure it is done effectively.

As we have already mentioned, the spread of germs is a big problem within childcare centres, and this alludes to the fact that the health of the children and the staff should be paramount. This is why an effective cleaning regime is essential, along with thorough sanitisation.

The sanitisation can be done by staff and children throughout the day by wiping items after use. Thereafter, and when the commercial cleaners start their shift, there should be a more comprehensive sanitisation, which would not usually be possible whilst the children are in the centre.

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How is Your Sleep Hygiene

How is Your Sleep Hygiene?

If you’re finding that you’re too tired to exercise or work on your fitness, then several things could be to blame. However, one of the most common ones for general tiredness could be your sleep hygiene.

Sleep hygiene essentially refers to your sleep habits. At least four in ten Australians don’t get enough sleep, either through insomnia or poor sleep hygiene. How are your sleep habits, and what could you be doing better? Here are a few helpful tips.

  1. Establish a Sleep Pattern

Just as you would establish a sleep routine for your children, you must do the same for you. Go to bed at the same time every night, and wake up (and get up) at the same time every morning. Establishing a pattern tells your body when it’s time to start and finish the day. You can then be well-equipped for exercise without feeling as tired.

  1. Use Your Bedroom for Sleep, Not Screens

There’s no denying that technology has done wonders for our lives. We can use it for our jobs, entertainment, and even fitness. But what it is less suitable for is sleep. Make your bedroom a technology-free zone. TVs, phones, and computers can all disrupt your sleep and cause you to be tired and fatigued the next day.

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Divorce Rules If You Have Been Married for Less Than Two Years

Divorce Rules If You Have Been Married for Less Than Two Years

Have you been married for less than 2 years and want a divorce? In this article, we have shared the requirements that you need to know about divorcing less than 2 years into your marriage, what you need to present to the court and how family lawyers can help you.

Divorce lawyers will not only be able to advise you with regards to divorce law, they can ensure that all the steps you need to take to satisfy the court to the extent that it grants a divorce, are fulfilled properly.

When Are The 2 Years Calculated From?

Obviously, the premise of a divorce is that it ends your marriage, but there are certain technicalities that you need to be wary of. Divorce is a legal process of terminating a marriage or marital union and it usually takes place after the couple who are filing for a divorce have been married for more than two years.

The two years are going to be calculated from the date the spouses married to the date they have applied to the court for divorce. Before applying for a divorce, it is pivotal for the spouses to remain separate for at least 12 months.

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Specific Learning Disability

Specific Learning Disability

When people consider the disabilities that children can have, their immediate assumption is that a disability is likely to be physical, and thus one that is clearly visible. However, not all disabilities are physical, and unfortunately children, and adults for that matter, can suffer from disabilities that are not immediately obvious.

These are disabilities that exist mentally or psychologically, and those which are particularly an issue for children are specific learning disabilities. These are disorders that affect a child’s ability to learn, and they are most prominently found in relation to a child’s ability to read, write, and count, so consulting a psychologist at should be your first call of action.

As these are regarded as the key academic skills which allow learning in a whole range of other subjects, plus the fact that they are essential for each person to deal with basic everyday situations as we grow up, there is obviously a cause for concern if a child shows symptoms of a specific learning disability.

To look at these in more detail, the first, and the one which most people have heard of, is dyslexia. This condition means a child’s ability to recognise words is compromised with an impairment in reading with all the issues which that can create.

Next, we have dysgraphia which is a learning disability with an impairment in written expression. This is not the same as dyslexia as many believe but relates purely to how a child writes, rather than their ability to read.

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Age Discrimination

Dealing With Mental Illness Caused by Age Discrimination

Although common, age discrimination is never okay. It’s something that occurs much more regularly than it should, both within workplaces and throughout our daily life. Elderly people are often made to feel like they’re worth less than their younger counterparts, and this can lead to major mental health problems.

Your first strategy for dealing with age discrimination should be to speak with your employer and/or HR managers. Make a formal complaint if necessary, and consider seeking legal advice from an employment lawyer if the problems aren’t dealt with.

In saying this, there are numerous strategies along with exercise, meditation, etc., you can use to maintain strong mental health in the face of discrimination. In the rest of this article, we’ve covered a few of these strategies, along with your main rights.

What Are My Rights if I’m a Victim of Age Discrimination

If you feel like you’re a victim of age discrimination, you have numerous rights. If you’re dealing with mental health issues caused by problems at work, you may have even more rights.

For starters, your employee has a responsibility to ensure age discrimination isn’t occurring in the workplace. If and when issues are reported, they need to be dealt with and resolved in a timely manner.

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Speech Therapy

How to Know Your Child Might Require Speech Therapy

Parents have a pretty important job. Not only do they have to provide food, shelter, love, and warmth for their child, but they also have to make sure they have all the tools they need to develop and enjoy the best start to life.

Sometimes, life throws a curveball, and some children require more of a helping hand than a parent can provide, especially when it comes to language and speech. Speech therapy can often be the answer, but how do you know if your child is on the right track or might require speech therapy? Read on to find out.

Does My Child Need to See a Speech Therapist?

There’s a common misconception that an expert in kids’ speech therapy focuses purely on speech. If your child seems to be speaking okay, then do they really need to see a speech therapist?

A speech therapist focuses on more than just speech. They can also help children with a wide range of language and speech development problems, such as the social aspect of language, known as pragmatics, and even eating. Sometimes, a weak lip or jaw can result in speech complications, so a speech therapist can also help with oral motor skills, as well.

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How The Family Court Deals With Parents Who Use Drugs

How The Family Court Deals With Parents Who Use Drugs

It is a simple fact that drug use takes place in our society, and when the user of drugs is a parent with responsibility for a child, it can create a number of ramifications for that parent, and dramatic changes for the child. As any family lawyers will tell you, family law places an emphasis on what is in the best interests of a child, and those interests most certainly do not involve being in the presence of a parent who is taking drugs.

If a court should be given an indication that the parent of a child is using illicit drugs then it will act. The way in which a court is informed of this is usually by someone close to the child filing either a ‘Notice of Child Abuse, Family Violence or Risk of Family Violence’ or a ‘Notice of Risk.

Despite the long names, these are basically documents that someone completes when they believe a child may be at risk. Specifically, they would submit that the child is being exposed to drugs, for example, the parent or parents are taking the drugs in full view of the child.

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Top Ten Worst Things You Could Ever Spill On Your Carpets

Top Ten Worst Things You Could Ever Spill On Your Carpets

You will often hear people talk about the carpet cleaning nightmare they had when a certain substance spilled onto their carpet and stained it, and actually hear them debate with others over which stain is the most difficult to clean.

How bad any stain is will not just depend on what was spilled on it but on other factors as well. These will be the material that the carpet was made from, how quickly the offending substance was removed, and what action the person took to remove the stain.

With these points in mind we are not going to create a league table and declare a champion, but instead with the help of, we will outline, in alphabetical order, 10 of the worst possible items that could spill onto your carpet.

Beer: The problem with beer spilling onto your carpet is not so much the stain, but instead it is the smell it leaves behind. This can linger and become progressively more unpleasant, despite no stain being present.

Bleach: We hope you can see the cruel irony of one of the most used cleaning products being one of the worst liquids that could be spilled on a carpet. The obvious reason is that it can create a permanent stain due to it whitening the coloured fibres of the carpet.

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