One of the primary reasons that dog owners seek out dog grooming services is that their dog is shedding. Given that dog groomers are experts in making a dog’s coat look impressive, some dog owners are under the impression that dog grooming will somehow work a miracle and stop their dog from shedding. If only it were that easy.

Unfortunately, no matter how awesome your favourite local dog groomer is, they cannot work miracles, especially when you consider the fact that it is impossible to completely stop a dog from shedding fur. In fact, shedding their fur is as natural to a dog as barking, and just as it is impossible for you to stop your own hair from growing, as yet there are no known means of stopping a dog’s fur from growing and then shedding as part of its natural cycle.

Whilst shedding fur is a natural function for dogs, some shed excessively. This means its owners are fighting a constant and never-ending battle to remove their dog’s fur from carpets, furniture, curtains, and clothes. However, that is not to say that shedding cannot be reduced and controlled. To help you achieve these, below are five popular ways that are proven to reduce and control a dog’s shedding.

Before we give you the details, we must caveat them by advising you that, before using any treatment on your dog, you might first wish to discuss this with your dog’s vet. Also, if any treatment is to be applied to your dog’s coat, you should test it on a small area first, just to ensure your dog does not have any kind of skin reaction or allergy to the substance in question.

Regular Brushing

Without a doubt, the simplest, but sadly, also the most ignored means of reducing shedding is regular brushing of your dog’s coat. If you can invest just 5 minutes per day brushing your dog’s coat, you will be amazed at the difference it makes to the amount of dog hairs you find that they have shed around your home.

Deshedding Tool

In addition to using a regular dog brush, you might wish to go a step further and spend the small amount it would cost to purchase a deshedding tool. Different designs are created to suit specific types and lengths of dog coats, and thus a deshedding tool is even more effective at untangling a dog’s coat and removing excess fur.

Monthly Baths

Apart from the practical aspect of a bath helping to clean off dirt and mud from your dog, it is also helpful in reducing the amount of shedding your dog does. You must use a dog shampoo that is free of harmful chemicals, is genuinely a natural shampoo, and that also suits your dog’s coat type. Also, do not bathe your dog too often as this can remove essential oils from their coat. Once a month should be sufficient.

Healthy Diet

“You are what you eat”, goes the phrase, and this applies to dogs as much as it does to humans. As such, you must feed your dog a balanced and healthy diet and if you are unsure what that consists of, speak to your dog’s vet for dietary advice. The rule of thumb is the more natural ingredients a dog’s food has, the healthier its coat will be.


In addition to a healthy diet, you may wish to give your dog some natural supplements that are known to support healthy skin and fur in dogs. Examples of these include fish oil which contains high levels of  Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, flaxseed, and chia seeds.