If you have ever had the misfortune to smell milk that has gone off you will know it is not something that you would voluntarily assault your nostrils with. A worst-case scenario than that is when milk has been spilled on to a carpet and dried in, meaning that some pretty serious cleaning from a professional grade cleaning company like Gleam Clean needs to take place.

Hopefully, you have never had that experience, however, knowing what to do if it should occur, will not only be welcomed by your carpet, but we dare say the sense of smell of everyone who enters your home will be thankful.

The way in which milk ends up on a carpet can differ, be it from someone drinking from a milk carton instead of glass and it dribbling down their chin, someone knocking over a glass of milk, or babies, who, let’s face it, while they are gorgeous, they are also messy little darlings and take great delight in turning their bottle upside down, with the result that their milk ends up on the carpet below, drip by drip.

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