Whenever the term “family” is used in relation to visas to live in Australia, most assumptions are that it refers to partners, spouses, parents, or children, and for the most part that is the case. However, ask pet owners if their dog or cat is regarded as a member of the family and you will hear a resounding “Yes” in reply.

This raises the question as to whether families who are moving to Australia under a visa scheme can bring their pets with them, and the simple answer is “Yes, they can”. However, just as humans need to meet specific criteria and follow a process, so do their pet animals. Here are 5 facts from a migration agent about the process and how those making Australia their home, can also have their pets join them.

The Country The Pet Is In Can Impact The Process

Australia only allows pets to come from a limited number of countries on its approved list, and these are split into 3 groups with further stipulations. In all, there are currently 96 countries on the approved list.

Group 1 includes New Zealand, Norfolk Island and Cocos island. Pet dogs from these countries do not require an import permit and of the three, only cats from Cocos Islands require an import licence.

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