Since the first words were written relating to exercising there have been millions of further words which highlight the physical benefits of exercise. Whether it is to lose weight, be more supple, increase strength or have more stamina, many of the benefits that you will read about from get yourself fit, will be physical ones.

However, in recent years, and due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the state of our mental health has been given far more attention than it did previously. With people more willing to discuss their mental health, it has become apparent that it needs as much care and attention as our physical health. This leads us to the fact that if we care for our physical health, it can have a positive impact on our mental health

With that in mind (no pun intended) here are several ways in which your mental health can be boosted and can benefit from you exercising and participating in fitness routines and workouts.

Improved Self Confidence

Whatever exercises you are undertaking, they should involve setting yourself fitness goals, even if they are micro-goals or milestones within a single exercise session. By hitting both your short-term and long-term fitness goals you gain a sense of achievement which can boost your self-confidence and your self-worth. Being physically fit and healthy overall also boosts self-esteem.

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