Unless you have been living in a cave since early 2020, you will be all too aware of how our world has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Nearly every business in every state, including Melbourne removalists,  has seen  its income impacted and how it can operate has changed dramatically too.

Scientists tell us that Covid-19 is here to stay but given vaccinations and the increasing immunity we should all have, they also tell us its effects may not be as deadly as we move forward. However, until we get to a time where the health risks of Covid-19 are close to nil, everyone, including those who work for your removalists business, must continue to take precautions to protect themselves, their fellow workers, and the clients they come into contact with.

To keep everyone as safe as possible from Covid-19, there are several actions that your removalist staff can take during each job they go out on. They are all straightforward,  so there should not be any resistance from your employees when you instruct them to carry these out. Here are those 7 Covid-19 precautions which you should communicate to your employees.

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