Not everyone will see the benefits of waist training, whereas some people will swear by it alongside their healthy diet and exercise routine. However, while some people swear by their waist trainers, there are times where you shouldn’t wear one. We’ve included a few of these scenarios below.

When You’re Pregnant

Wearing a waist trainer while you are pregnant is a big no-no. You need to be encouraging your baby bump to grow and buying maternity clothing, not pressing your bump down and flattening it. At just ten weeks gestation, your baby is developing organs. Then, only one week later, their bones are hardening. Up to 37 weeks, your baby’s brain, lungs, and other organs are still developing. Wearing a waist trainer during this crucial time of development is not recommended.

In saying that, some new mothers see the benefit in kicking off waist training after the baby is born. Wearing a waist trainer can, for some women, make scar areas more comfortable, and help with posture and back support as well.

When You’re Dehydrated

Most quality waist trainers feature latex for compression and support which can also help you to sweat. When you work out in a waist trainer, you are sweating more than you usually would. If you’re dehydrated, there can be some serious side effects to this. Before you begin waist training, always ensure you drink enough water – both during the day and throughout your workout.

When It Hurts

Some people feel discomfort when they begin waist training for the first time, but it shouldn’t hurt. If you notice bruising, pain, or extreme discomfort, don’t battle through it. Stop wearing your waist trainer immediately as it’s not a form of punishment.

When You’re Sleeping

If you wear your waist trainer throughout the day, your body needs a break come night time. Therefore, you should never wear it to bed. In fact, wear it no more than eight hours per day, and start off at around two hours per day.

When You Have Skin Irritation

A small number of people have a latex allergy which can compromise your ability to wear a waist trainer on or near your skin. If you have a latex waist trainer and you are allergic to latex, don’t wear it. Instead, opt for a faux latex option which is equally as firm but is hypoallergenic and cooling.

For many people, waist training is a beneficial part of their workout routine. If you wear one while you are eating healthily and are working out regularly, you may see the benefits sooner rather than later. Many people experience a flatter stomach, better mid area toning, and even accentuated curves. However, if you notice any negative effects at all, cease use immediately.